HandCrafted in Canada • Natural Materials • No Harmful Chemicals
Natural Mattress  Accessories Soap Natural Organic Latex Pillow
Natural Mattress  Accessories Contour Natural Organic Latex Pillow

Natural Organic Latex Pillow

Looking for something with a little more support? Our natural latex pillows are just the ticket if you are looking for the right combination of support and comfort. Because it is a natural organic latex, they are great for individuals looking to avoid chemicals or who struggle with chemical sensitivities, or just anyone looking for a great clean pillow. 

They come in two different shapes, the soap, and the contour. The soap is a great all around pillow that does really well with side sleepers. Back sleepers may enjoy being able to nestle there head into the contour pillow. 

Please note that contour pillows are available in standard sizing only (20” x 26”) and soap are available in queen (20”x30”) and king (20”x36”)