HandCrafted in Canada • Natural Materials • No Harmful Chemicals

Shipping & Delivery


Shipping on all Mattresses except the Kon-Tiki Coir is $150 across Canada. The Kon-Tiki Coir is quoted on each individual purchase as it is un able to be rolled for shipping. 

Bed Frames are shipped for $150 across Canada.

Headboards are quoted on each individual purchase.

Pillows, mattress pads, and comforters are $15 per item.

Shipping for a warranty issue is free. 

Completion Time for Mattresses

Currently, we are anticipating your mattress will be delivered approximately 3 to 4 weeks from the time of your order.

Our mattresses are hand-made, one at a time and due to demand, we have a bit of a wait time currently.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and promise that we will make each bed as if it were made for a family member or friend.

21-Day Trial Period

We ask that you give it a 21-night trial period so that your body and the mattress can adapt to each other.

That being said, you have to sleep well! And if after 21-days you find the mattress uncomfortable let us know. We will figure out what needs to be done so that you are comfortable, and exchange the mattresses for no cost, including free shipping. 

Return Policy

Natural Mattress has a 75 day risk-free trial period where you can return your mattress if you are not satisfied. Our only stipulation is that you give the mattress three weeks. It can take a bit of time for your body and the mattress to adapt to each other. If after three weeks you are not satisfied, we are happy to give you your money back ss long as it is free of stains and not damaged (other than natural wear and tear from shipping) we are happy to give you a full refund, including shipping.

Exchange Policy

If after sleeping on your mattress for three weeks you feel confident that you would sleep better with a softer or firmer mattress, we are happy to the adjustments you need to sleep soundly. Send us an email, or give us a call and we are happy to talk about what is going on. We are happy to provide a free exchange for up to 75 days after you receive your mattress. Your sleep is a PRIORITY for us.

Mattress Warranty

Our mattresses and beds come with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. If there is a manufacturer defect within 10 years of purchasing your bed, we are happy to repair or replace the product. There is no warranty on bedding products (sheets, comforters, and pillows). 

The fine print

If you dig into the fine print of most mattress warranties, you realize that you there is a pretty specific set of instructions and requirement if you are expected to adhere to. So here are the details of things that will void your mattress warranty, in simple and plain language:

  • Your mattress needs to be used on a proper foundation/bed frame (slats, boxspring or platform)
  • You need to flip your mattress every 120 days and at least 4 times per year
  • Staining, soiling, and fluid penetration of the mattress does void the warranty

The rest of the details include:

  • Sagging or hammocking is covered if the impression is greater than 1.5 inches
  • The First 5 years are not pro-rated, and we will happily repair or replace the mattress with no additional fees or shipping costs
  • The second 5 years are pro-rated at a rate of 20% of the purchase price per year. So year 6 there would be a 20% charge for replacing your product, year 7 there would be a 40% charge for replacing the product, year 8 there is a 60% charge for replacing the product and year 9 there is an 80% charge 
  • We do not warranty comfort. This is a subjective opinion and we can only guarantee the quality of our work and materials. We do however give you the first 75 days risk-free to ensure that your mattress is comfortable, 

Our 4-Pay Payment plan

We've made it easier to make your purchase. You can now make 4 equal payments, over 4 months. No interest plus you can pick the day of the month you would like to make the payment.

Our only requirements are that you make the first payment when you purchase the mattress and that we have a credit card number on file. 

Custom Beds ie circle beds (or triangles, or hexagons...)

If you have something creative in mind drop us a line and we would be happy to give you an idea of what the cost and timeline would be.

We love working on one of a kind mattress and furniture projects.