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Custom Woolen Mills Accessories King Canadian Wool Mattress Pad

Canadian Wool Mattress Pad

A mattress pad is a great way to protect your mattress from daily wear-and-tear. This particular mattress pad, made from 100% wool, is naturally antimicrobial which makes it the ideal natural way to protect your mattress and keep it clean.

Key Features

  • Made by Custom Woolen Mills in Carstairs, AB (right where the wool is milled)
  • Filed with 100% pure new Canadian wool and covered with light, breathable, unbleached 100% cotton
  • Wool is naturally antimicrobial and temperature-regulating, as well as naturally fire, water, static and wear-resistant
  • Pad is 2” thick and has elastic straps on the corners

What goes into the Canadian Wool Mattress Pad?

Custom Woolen Mills does minimal processing of the wool, leaving out common industrial processes such as bleaching, carbonizing, chlorinating, bonding with resin or glue, and moth proofing. These processes are hard on the environment, have unknown long-term consequences to human health, weaken the wool fibre and reduce the effectiveness of wool’s natural qualities. Instead, Custom Woolen Mills washes the raw wool with a mild, plant-based, biodegradable detergent and then rinses it with water.

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