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Natural Mattress Mattresses The Marshall Mattress
Natural Mattress Mattresses The Marshall Mattress
Natural Mattress Mattresses The Marshall Mattress
Natural Mattress Mattresses The Marshall Mattress
Natural Mattress Mattresses The Marshall Mattress

The Marshall Mattress

This pocket coil mattress was inspired by a friend who was having some restless nights (which meant his partner was also feeling all of his tossing and turning). We love pocket coil because it helps reduce motion transfer, which is really just a fancy way of saying it keeps Marshall’s restlessness to his side of the bed.

Key Features

  • Pocket coil and organic latex core.
  • American steel pocket coil base, wrapped in hemp fibre.
  • GOLS and Rainforest Alliance certified organic latex top.
  • Removable and washable quilted outer case.
  • Breathable organic cotton and hemp fabric.
  • 8.5” overall thickness 

What goes into our Marshall Mattress?

We start with a 4” sheet of 15ga pocket coil springs wrapped in 1” of Canadian grown hemp coir. This is placed into an organic cotton case. 3” of American manufactured organic latex is put into an organic cotton case and placed on top of the coil base. This top latex layer can be flipped when outer case is removed.

The exterior case is made using two layers of plush, flexible, and durable, organic Cotton and hemp fabric. Albertan sheep’s wool is quilted between these two layers. This wool layer brings breathability, cooling, and anti-microbial properties to your mattress. Our in house sewn case is designed to be removed without lifting the mattress, and is washable.



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Wonderful Mattress

Extremely happy with my Marshall Mattress! It is very supportive yet has a comfortable cushion. Very high quality, the casing is so soft and luxurious. Purchased a king size with a soft latex top layer. Natural Mattress has great policies such as the payment plan which allowed me to be able to purchase this mattress and the trial period for exchanging layers. 100% reccomend 🙂

Great product and experience

We had Natural Mattress make us a large custom mattress (8’ x 8’) and wood platform. From start to finish Andrew made the experience so easy, answering all of my questions and making a great product. Even a few weeks after we had the mattress my partner was finding his side too firm and Andrew helped us rectify the situation with no issues. I love our mattress, the platform is simple and beautiful, and I’m happy that we could support a local maker.

Teri C
Most Amazing Mattress

Hi Andrew. It’s Teri from Edmonton. I was going to wait a few more days before I rated you mattress cause I don’t want you to think I am insincere, but I couldn’t wait: this is the MOST AMAZING mattress I have ever slept on. Ever! I can believe how different it feels (in a good way) to the mass produced stuff.
So basically this is heaven and I want to thank you and Mark for your hard work and amazing service.

Thanks again for making this one of the best ways I have ever expended my earnings.

Melanie Higuchi

A HUGE Thank you to Mark from Natural Mattress. This was by far the most wonderful mattress buying experience I have ever had. I've struggled for a very long time with my hips and low back causing me pain while I sleep. Mark was very patient and kind explaining the differences in all their mattresses and what might be best for my needs. He was VERY patient with me and NEVER pushy. Together we concluded that The Marshall Coil Mattress was the right fit for me. It provided the firmness I would need with the added bonus of motion stability which was just as important to me since I am a very light sleeper. I was for the first time so very exited to receive my new mattress.

After sleeping on my new mattress for the recommended 21 days, my back just wasn't quite adjusting as I'd hoped. Mark was quick to give me suggestions and checked in frequently. He was determined to find a solution that would work for me. He was even open to meeting with my chiropractor Dr. Todd Halowski (Halo Clinic) to discuss what exactly was going on and together they came up with a solution. The firmness of my mattress was right, but I needed just a little more cushion. A topper was quickly delivered for me to try and after just a few nights my mattress was AMAZING.

The customer services, kindness and level of professionalism by Mark and Andrew was outstanding. I continue to recommend to as many people as I can!