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How thick should your mattress be?

We think that gratuitous depth in a mattress serves one primary function, marketing. If it looks big and comfy then it must be good to sleep on right? 

If you take a look at what people are sleeping on around the world, you'll notice that Canadian mattresses are huge! 12",14", 18" and even 24". Why? Is this what you need to support your body and keep your spine in a neutral and supported position through the evening?

In our opinion no. Most of the globe sleeps on a few inches of fiber, but here in Canada, you can't get a good night's sleep without a foot and a half of triple-layered dual-cooled gel memory foam...We think that excessive depth in a mattress is a waste of materials and while it gives the perception of comfort and support the realities can often be the opposite. 

Yes, it is true that larger individuals with wider shoulders and hips who are side sleepers may benefit from slightly greater mattress depth (such as our pocket coil mattress with latex), but we also find that the deeper the mattress is, the more opportunity for hammocking there is and the more difficult it is to flip, rotate and move. 

Our mattresses and beds are designed to be simple and efficient with the materials we use. This is done in an effort to be responsible to both our customers and the environment which we harvest those materials from. We encourage you the next time you lay on a 12" foam mattress with an additional 4" of memory foam on top to ask yourself, "does this really help my body?"

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