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Sleeping Cooler Means Sleeping Better

Intuitively you know this already, that you sleep better when you sleep cooler. You don’t need to see a bunch of academic studies to show you that you sleep better and wake up more rested when you aren’t sleeping hot and that by sleeping better you have more energy, get sick less often, feel better emotionally and mentally, and even weight loss are benefits of sleeping well regularly.

Cooling down is one of the ways that your body naturally prepares for sleep, and if it isn’t allowed to cool (before temperature controlled houses it just happened automatically for most of the year) it has a hard time finding the deep restful REM sleep that is so valuable. Between 15 C and 19 C is generally considered the optimal temperature for sleep.

Open windows, hanging a foot out, AC units, sleeping naked, cooling blankets, cooling gel in memory foam and many other strategies are used to help with this. We happen to think that the best strategy is sleeping on a surface that allows your skin to breath and transfer heat and moisture properly.

Natural fibers such as organic cotton, linen, wool and hemp help your body to regulate its temperature naturally. They are superior to polyester because they have the ability to absorb water in a vapour state, as opposed to polyester which can only absorb a liquid. So they help you to stay cool BEFORE you start to sweat. While polyesters are quick drying and have the ability to “wick” moisture they need you to start sweating before there moisture wicking properties are kicked into action.

Memory foams and pillow top mattresses are made of materials that are basically modified insulation, which is not optimum for helping your body to temperature regulate. Adding a cooling gel to those is helping you feel cooler, but it isn’t actually helping your body to regulate temperature. Cooling gels address a symptom of the problem without actually addressing the issue.

One of the most consistent feedback we get on our mattresses is how cool they sleep. That is because they allow the systems that your body naturally has to temperature regulate to function properly. It isn’t a mystery or a secret. In addition to creating a natural, chemical-free fire barrier, wool has been renown for centuries for its temperature and moisture regulating qualities. What is better is that it does so while being antimicrobial, ensuring that if you do overheat at night and break a sweat that your mattress doesn’t become a damp breeding ground for bugs and bacteria. It’s just allowing nature to do what it does best. Keep you healthy and comfortable.

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