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Recycle Your Old Mattress

Old mattresses fill up landfills. That is one of the many reasons why it is a shame that so many mattress manufacturers make such poor quality mattresses that wear out after only a few years. One of our goals is to not make the problem worse. We need less items in our landfills not more! Free removal of your old mattress is part of the service, and if we take away your old mattress we ensure that it is either recycled or if it is only a few years old and gently used then it is donated.

You may not have known that your mattress could be recycled. We are lucky in Calgary that a couple of creative entrepreneurs a few years ago realized that both new and used mattresses were being sent to the landfill by the truck load, so they started a company called Re-Matt. Almost all of the materials in a mattress are recyclable, however just like your household recycling they need to be broken down and separated into their individual parts, which is what Re-Matt does.

Occasionally when we have a customer who just can’t stand there mattress anymore, but has only had it for a short time we will donate it to a organization that helps individuals in need. The mattress is in such good shape, however it was just the wrong mattress for the individual. 

At the end of the day we feel that one of the best ways we can be environmentally responsible is to minimize waste. It starts with how we build our products, and extends to everything we do including the disposal of another company's mattress.

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