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Coconut Coir Mattresses

Coconut might be the healthiest mattress material you have never heard of. When you think of coconut, you think of tasty beverages or baked goods. Gardeners will use it as in their garden as a planting material. You probably didn’t realize that it is actually one of the more common mattress materials throughout India and much of Asia, due to the abundance of the raw material.

Why is it so healthy? Well, it is as natural as it gets, fantastic for people who struggle with allergies and chemical sensitivities help your body to sleep cooler and is naturally antimicrobial. Coconut coir is a matt that is made from the husk of the coconut, with the layers held together with a little bit of natural latex. It provides a very firm sleeping surface and sleeps very cool.

You might be wondering, if it is such a healthy product why isn’t it more commonly used in mattresses in Canada? Most North Americans find coconut coir to firm to sleep on, which combined with the fact that it is very difficult to ship makes it a relatively rare and uncommon mattress material through Canada. It is heavy and doesn’t compress or roll, which means it is expensive to ship and takes up quite a bit of space to store. For a big mattress manufacturer, it is cheaper, easier and generally more comfortable to just use foam to make a mattress.

Just because coconut coir it isn’t popular in Canada doesn’t mean that it isn’t a fantastic option though. If you are a hot sleeper who loves a very firm mattress, this might be just the material you have been looking for. You will be hard-pressed to find a more natural, healthy and cool sleeping surface.

A good mattress maker will layer the coconut coir, to avoid there being several inches of coconut together. It is somewhat prone to impressions if too much coir is used without layering (we don’t use more than 2” without layering).

Because it is so different from a traditional mattress, we highly recommend trying it out before you buy it. We have a mattress available to try in our Calgary showroom. In our experience, 90% of people think that you are crazy for suggesting that anyone sleep on such a hard mattress. The other 10% though, are thankful to finally have found a mattress maker that understands them. So if you have been having a hard time finding a mattress firm enough for your taste, give us a call and ask about sleeping on coconut.

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