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Does Your Mattress Impact Your Sex life?

Does the mattress really matter? After all, isn’t it the user that makes most of the difference? Well yes, but for a minute let’s compare sex to driving. The biggest factors in driving pleasure are going to be the skill of the driver, the engine, and powertrain. But think of the mattress as the suspension. It’s the system impacts the type of ride, rhythm, and comfort you have during the activity.

The evidence is pretty clear that sexual satisfaction on a memory foam mattress is lower. There is no rebound, no bounce, and it is harder to develop a rhythm. You feel like you are in quicksand, and it is harder to move around which impacts your ability to easily transition between positions. Memory foam tends to be hotter which nobody needs during what is hopefully a relatively robust activity.

By contrast, research supports that innerspring or latex mattresses are easier to move on and provide more rebound which leads to better rhythm and more fun. What is also great is that research indicates that natural latex, or natural latex and innerspring hybrid mattresses also have higher owner satisfaction for sleeping and last longer than memory foam mattresses.

So is your mattress a make or break component of your sex life? No. Good sex is still up to you and your partner. But can it be the aid that takes you from good to great? Absolutely.

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