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Is Certified Organic Important For Your Mattress?

The answer of course is it depends. Our mattresses are not certified organic, as there are a few materials such as the wool and hemp that are not certified organic. Hemp is grown and processed with so few pesticides and chemicals that certified organic seems mostly like a marketing ploy, and we don't think there is a more ethical, sustainable and chemical-free wool mill in the world than Custom Woolen Mills. 

We do think that it is critical that some of the materials are certified organic, such as the latex or if we ever use any cotton. In these cases, the certifications help us to ensure that the product is pure without any synthetic blends being added and that the factory's where the product is manufactured are practicing first class human resources and environmental policies. 

At the end of the day what really matters is how the plants and animals are grown and how the fibers are processed. Certified Organic is a way to promote and encourage higher standards, but it is also important to recognize that there also is a bit of "greenwashing" and marketing involved with certifications. 

Our motto is to do your research, stay as local as you can, avoid waste and if in doubt, organic typically is better than not... although not necessarily.

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