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Is a Soft Mattress Bad?

Generally speaking, we think the world would be a better place for sleeping if most people were on a slightly firmer mattress. So should you be sleeping on a firmer mattress? Maybe.

The goal is to have your mattress contour and support your body keeping your spine supported and aligned through the night. Firmer mattresses often excel in this department because they don't allow your hips or shoulders to sink too deep while promoting a neutral spine. 

That being said, the number one reason why a mattress is returned in North America is because the owner found the mattress too firm and uncomfortable. So there are a lot of well-intentioned mattress buyers out there, wanting to do the right thing and buy a firmer mattress who find that it is just simply too uncomfortable to sleep on.  You have to sleep well and that involves being comfortable.

Most people will find that the right mattress for them is a "medium" level of firmness, which tends to be the sweet spot of comfort and support. If you find this sweet spot, as long as your mattress doesn't "hammock" or create large impressions that can put your spine out of alignment then you are made in the shade for the foreseeable future. 

If you are not sure what the right mattress is, just drop us a line or call us. Either Mark or Andrew will be happy to spend some time with you finding the right sleep solution for you. 

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