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Quality Is The New Green

Are you skeptical of products that are labeled as “green”? You should be. Unfortunately, there is a fair bit of greenwashing in business these days. Environmental benefits are grossly exaggerated about products and used as an excuse to make products that are significantly more expensive and sometimes even poorer quality, function and durability.

Most people want to help the environment, but they are afraid of making decisions that cost them money and time for products that are misleading or ineffective. It is perfectly understandable to make the conservative, known choice with a purchase. The expression the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know exists for a reason.

We are at a crossroads though, and maintaining the status quo is killing the planet. Earth is facing major challenges, including water shortages, flooding, forest fires from record heat and drought, and the list goes on. While an individual event is difficult to pinpoint on climate change, the evidence is pretty clear that our current industrial practices aren’t making things any better.

The greatest influence for change in the modern world is the almighty wallet. The good news is that by acting in your own best interests, you can also promote industrial practices that will lead to less waste, and improve our planet.

How can acting in your own self-interest help the environment? The answer is simple. Buy better stuff. Buy stuff that lasts longer. Buy stuff that is well made and that doesn’t break. Buy stuff that is reusable and not disposable. Evaluate your purchases based on price per use, and not just cheapest immediate option. Buy fewer things but better things. Buy things that impact your health positively, when you're in your golden years your health will be one of the biggest factors in your quality of life. Choose quality over quantity. Quality is the new green. Think long-term with your purchases, and the benefits will translate to a planet that is more sustainable for the long term.

By choosing quality, you will automatically choose natural products more often, and when you choose products that use synthetics, you will do so because it is the material most appropriate for the function, not just because it is the cheapest and does “basically the same thing”.

Does buying better quality come with sacrifice? Only in the short term. You will have to purchase fewer things, but this is the great secret why quality is the new green. The single greatest good deed we can do for the planet is to simply do less. Manufacture less, harvest less, dig less, drill less, make less. The fantastic thing about making less, is it frees up our most valuable resource, time, to do the things that matter more. Relax more, socialize more, love more, laugh more and help more.

Our goal from day one was to make the best products that we could. Our goal is to have the best mattresses, not sell the most mattresses. We want our customers to have the best sleep, not spend the most time in bed. Our goal is to be the best mattress company in Canada, not the biggest mattress company in the world. Thanks for being a part of that goal and choosing to make quality the new green.

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