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Sleeping Well While Living The Van Life

Mattresses for Camper Vans & RV’s

Campervans and RV’s are a bachelor suite on wheels. It is the ultimate freedom. You can go anywhere, anytime without worrying about having a place to stay. Hopefully your mattress plan isn’t to just go to the local department store and pick up something cheap and light for your mattress. Remember, you are going to be sleeping 8 hours or more a night on this, and it needs to be at good enough that you can do that without a sore back or a headache in the morning.

Sleeping well impacts all your experiences, and the breathtaking views of the Northern Lights or Grand Canyon as sunrise will be that much more enjoyable if you wake up feeling good and refreshed. The difference between van life being the ultimate freedom and a mobile torture chamber might be how well you sleep at night.

Most high-end mattresses that are sold right now are big. A 10 to 18-inch queen size mattress isn’t a practical or realistic option if you have been trying to fit everything you want to live inside of a cargo van. You might need something that folds up, or rolls, or is low profile so that you can put adequate storage under it and still sit up in bed. Space is a premium and your mattress needs to reflect that. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality or comfort though.

The solution is finding a mattress maker who uses good materials! Cheap foam, cheap coils, and polyester won’t stand up to the van life the way you want and need it to. High-grade foams, well-made coils, and intelligent designs, however, can deliver you the best night sleeps you ever had all while having the best experiences of your life.

Another factor to keep in mind is that temperature regulation inside of a van or RV is a little trickier than the average suburban home or apartment. Mattresses that sleep hot will make you that much more miserable in the middle of the summer, so memory foams and traditional pillow tops might not be your best choice. Natural fibers like wool, cotton or hemp will help you to sleep cooler, and also stay cleaner by being naturally antimicrobial.

Weight is another consideration. Does your mattress need to be moved, folder or stored? How much weight matters depends on the design of your build out, but if your mattress needs to be moved often you are probably going to regret going with an all latex mattress for example.

And don’t forget about sex! Are you planning on a year of celibacy, or are you headed out with a special someone and hoping for a few epic evenings of unbridled moonlit passion. If the latter is the case, a 3-inch memory foam topper or a blow-up air-bed on top of a sheet of plywood is NOT going to be doing you any favours.

You're probably going to be spending the majority of the time in your van on your mattress. Whether you are sleeping, reading, banging or taking advantage of the free wifi for a little Netflix action, this is going to be the centre of your van life experience. So don’t make this critical component and afterthought, a place where you save money. Think it out and let it fuel this incredible journey that your newfound freedom needs and deserves.

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